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Kandy is one of the ancient capital cities of Sri Lanka. The last king was in Kandy. Today it is the capital of the Central Province. It is the gate way to the hill country. Kandy is a world renown city as the guardian city of the Sri Gautama Buddha’s tooth relic in The Temple of Tooth (the Dalada Maligava) Visitors local as well foreign travelers pay homage to Lord Buddha at this great palace.

Kandy has beautiful surrounding. Mahaweli River flows around the city before it is harnessed at several places to divert water towards north for agricultural purposes and to generate hydroelectricity.

There are several routes to Kandy from various parts of the country. The train journey from Colombo is the most enchanting. The train goes through several tunnels. Some are very long. The view from the train is sometimes very beautiful and at times very scary. A modern high way is been built which will shorten journey in half. There are several roads leading to any part of the country from Kandy.

places to visit

There are numerous places to visit in KAndy

Many sites to visit in Kandy

  • Sri Daladamaligawa - Tooth Relic Temple
  • National Meusium
  • Trinity College Chapel
  • Tea Meusium
  • Kandy Central Super MArket
  • Visit Spice Garden, Kandy

There are many impotant places around Anuradapura.

Places Around Kandy

  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Railway Meusium
  • Pinnawela Elephant orphanage
  • Visit Spice Garden, Kandy
  • Udawattekele Sanctuary, Kandy

World Renown Kandy Procession

Kandy famous for its world renown procession held in August annually. It one of the most beautiful processions in the world. It brings out one place many elephants, dancers and musicians from various parts of the country. It is a pageant traveler should never miss.

Places to Visit in Kandy

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wild life

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Kandy City

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Kandy City
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