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Referred by Sri Lankans as the Eighth Wonder of the World this ancient royal residence and fortification has critical archeological significance and pulls in a great many travelers consistently. It is likely the most visited vacationer goal of Sri Lanka. The royal residence is situated in the core of the island between the towns of Dambulla and Habarane on a monstrous rough 370 meters over the ocean level. The stronghold complex incorporates remainders of a destroyed royal residence, encompassed by a broad system of fortresses, tremendous plant enclosures, lakes, waterways, back streets, and wellsprings. .

The encompassing domains of Sigiriya were restrained for a few thousand years. In the second half of the fifth-century ruler, Kasyapa chose to build a regal habitation here. After his demise, Sigiriya again turned into a Buddhist religious community until the fourteenth century, when it was surrendered. The primary passageway is situated on the northern side of the stone. It was planned as a colossal stone lion. On account of this lion, the castle was named Sigiriya. The term Sigiriya begins from the word Sinhagri, for example, Lion Rock. The western mass of Sigiriya was as a rule secured by frescoes, made during the rule of Kasyapa. Eighteen frescoes have made due right up to today.

The frescoes are portraying naked females and are viewed as either the pictures of Kayapo’s spouses and courtesans or priestess performing religious customs. Regardless of the obscure personality of the females portrayed in the frescoes, these extraordinary old works of art are commending female excellence and have unfathomable authentic noteworthiness. One of the most striking highlights of Sigiriya is its Mirror divider. The structures and gardens of Sigiriya demonstrate that the designers of this astonishing compositional landmark utilized remarkable and inventive specialized abilities and advances. The development of such a landmark on a gigantic shape roughly 200 meters. .

The nurseries of Sigiriya are among the most established finished gardens on the planet. Sigiriya has water nurseries, cavern and stone plant enclosures, and furthermore terraced plant enclosures. They are situated in the western piece of the stone and are with a complex pressure driven framework, which comprises of trenches, locks, lakes, dams, spans, wellsprings, just as surface and underground water siphons. In the stormy season, all channels are loaded up with water, which starts to circulate through the entire region of Sigiriya. The royal residence and stronghold complex is perceived as probably the best case of antiquated urban arranging. Considering the uniqueness of Sigiriya UNESCO announced it a World Heritage site in 1982. Sigiriya is an unparalleled mix of urban arranging, water building, cultivation, and expressions.


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